Music Monday: Imploding the Mirage by The Killers

Ah, The Killers. The band that loves to remind you that they hail from Las Vegas. The band that has managed to release albums that are never quite the same but still somehow sound like them. The band with a lead singer that doesn’t seem to age. The band that has never been truly appreciated... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift “evermore” Album Review

On the week of her 31st birthday, Taylor Swift announced the continuation to her exquisite folklore album, and no one had the proper time to prepare. But now that we are post evermore, we can confirm, we are yet again in awe. Photo: Beth Garrabrant We covered folklore song by song on an episode of Marvelous Geeks Podcast a few months... Continue Reading →

Shawn Mendes “Wonder” Album Review

After months of teasing the #MendesArmy, Shawn Mendes has finally released his fourth album, “Wonder.” With so many hits from “Stitches” to his last single release in 2018 “I Can’t Have You,” gaining ample recognition worldwide, it’s no wonder so many fans have been anticipating new music from the Canadian heartthrob. Recently released on December 4,... Continue Reading →

Spotify Wrapped: Top Songs of 2020

Year-End reviews will look fairly different this year given how many productions were delayed because of Covid-19, but Spotify Wrapped has our backs when it comes to reminding us of what we're obsessively hitting replay on. You all definitely care about mine, right? Who doesn't love peeping into what everyone's listening to way too many... Continue Reading →

Wild Wild Horses: Ordinary Life EP Interview

Over at our sister site we were fortunate enough to chat with Wild Wild Horses in a fun little interview about their Ordinary Life EP and working with Once  Upon A Time's Jennifer Morrison . For more on upcoming musicians be sure to visit their website and check out their music on iTunes. Read More  --... Continue Reading →

2015 Year-End Review

Best of Music Every year a number of new songs end up on our list iTunes' top 25 most played, but we have a great feeling that the songs on this particular list will be cherished for much longer than a year. 1. Renegades | X Ambassadors by (Gissane Sophia) While the rest of the songs... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

October 13, 2014 Higher - Parachute |x| One of the bands you could never go wrong with is Parachute – album after album they’ve only proven the fact that they get better through the years. And upon first hearing this golden track off their most recent album “Overnight”, it quickly became a favorite of ours.... Continue Reading →

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