Music Monday: ‘Little Women’ (2019) Original Score by Alexandre Desplat

Key cover art for the Little Women 2019 original score by Alexandre Desplat
Source: Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

In the same way that I deeply adore the 1995 Little Women original score, I love the Little Women 2019 original score by Alexandre Desplat too. While I listen to the original more frequently in the Fall and Winter, this one, in particular, is on replay year-round.

But still, fall and winter are just the perfect times of year for this original score especially considering how lovely tracks like “Christmas Morning,” “Snow in the Garden,” and “Christmas Breakfast” are.

In the same way that “Orchard House (Main Title)” has a beautiful way of what feels like nostalgic transportation, “It’s Romance” in the Little Women 2019 original score does the job just as exquisitely. I could listen to it for hours on end without ever feeling the need to take it off replay. It’s magical, it’s triumphant, and in every way, it’s cathartic. As is the track, “Little Women.”

I also have such a soft for “Plumfield,” which is so transcendently moving in the coziest means of leaving a lasting impression and making me care so deeply about a place I’ve never been to. And even though I’m more of an Amy and Laurie girl, “Laurie and Jo on the Hill” is so beautifully somber, it hits hard.

There are also “The Letter” and “Amy, Fred, Meg & John” which are both such lovely tracks for the emotions they are tied to. So, essentially what I’m saying is: every track in the Little Women 2019 original score is a hit. Don’t even get me started on the magic that is “Dr. March’s Daughters.”

Someday I’ll have enough words for the sheer power and brilliance behind “Jo Writes,” but today is not that day.

Case in point, you love one, it is nearly impossible not to love all. In the same way that this version of the film might just be my favorite, I think it is safe to admit that the score has the same power. I can’t help it.

Listen to the Little Women 2019 original score below and tell us, which tracks are your favorite.

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