Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” is the Underrated Jewel of ‘Red’

Taylor Swift's "Begin Again" is an underrated Jewel from Red
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Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” beautifully encompasses thousands of emotions, yet it feels like no one is talking about it. At least, not in my circle. It’s no surprise that Red (Taylor’s Version) is one of Swift’s strongest albums, and there are plenty of songs to gush over, but “Begin Again” deserves to be talked about more. So, I’m here to do my due.

So many of us have experienced the story Swift paints with “Begin Again”—terrified to start over, worried about where it’ll go, except magic happens. Something changes. It’s different, it’s lovely—it’s everything that people are deserving of when it comes to love.

Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” was always great, but in Red (Taylor’s Version), it’s something else entirely—it’s magic, it’s transcendent, and it hits hard in all the right ways.

And you throw your head back laughing like a kid
I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny cause he never did

That’s it. That’s the line. That first line might just be one of my favorite lines Taylor Swift has ever written. It’s breathtaking. It’s beautiful, it’s so simple and yet, the picture it paints is so achingly sweet. “Begin Again” is lyrically one of the most heartwarming songs and the melody sparks something just as magical. And Swift’s vocals in the newer version? Be still, my tears. (Plus, the fact that “The Moment I Knew” follows it? Violence. It’s violent.

And it might just be me, but the mention of Christmas in the bridge automatically lands itself onto my Christmas music list, making it that much more special as a song.

Where a majority of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) doesn’t feel as different, Red (Taylor’s Version) feels like a whole new album—a whole new experience. There’s also the undeniably astounding All Too Well Short Film that deserves ample praise.

If nothing else, I need more of you to come out and tell me that Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” is also your favorite song off of Red (Taylor’s Version).

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