Music Monday: ‘The Expanse’ (Original Score) by Clinton Shorter and Various Artists

The Expanse original score collector's edition cover
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As an utter masterpiece of a series, it isn’t surprising that The Expanse‘s original score includes some of the most riveting instrumental tracks within the science fiction genre. The Expanse aired on Syfy channel from its first season to the canceled third before Amazon Prime picked it up for the remainder of its run until the final, sixth season.

As one of the few television series brilliantly packed with silver screen material and special effects, The Expanse’s opening theme alone is hard to skip over. Composed by Clinton Shorter, most of The Expanse’s original score is an emotionally driving force that’s made each scene in the series that much better.

Although there have been individual volumes for Seasons 1-4 available to stream everywhere, there is still no word on whether Seasons 5 and 6 will follow that same path. We’re hoping it does because the music in Season 6 is sensational, especially in the penultimate “Why We Fight” and the finale, “Babylon’s Ashes.”

Shorter’s work thus far has been otherworldly, to say the least, and through every track, he’s captured the show’s energy in an unmatched way. The Expanse is an exceptional series, and the score needed to match that energy with its unique beats to stand alone. It’s one of the scores that’s frequently on rotation for us while writing because even those of us who haven’t watched The Expanse in its entirety could still appreciate the greatness of the music.

Each of the seasons is a standout for this show, but if we had to choose one to force everyone to listen to, the Season 1 score remains inimitable. Tracks like “An Impossible Burden,” “Life,” “Father,” “Truth,” “Respite,” and “Remember the Cant” hypnotize. There’s plenty to love throughout these scores, and no matter which route we take, we can’t go wrong with hitting the replay button.

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Listen to The Expanse original score below, and tell us which tracks are your favorite.


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  1. Amazing soundtrack – I particularly like “Sacrifice”, “The Ocean”, “What Did You Do”, “Another Way”, and many others. Bleak one minute, uplifting in other spots. Eerie and melancholic. A good soundtrack to read to.

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