"Rix Road" from Andor for Marvelous Geeks Best of 2022 TV Episodes

Andor Episodes 11-12 Review: “Daughter of Ferrix” and “Rix Road”

Andor Episode 11 “Daughter of Ferrix” and Episode 12 “Rix Road” are brilliant conclusions to the remarkable first season.

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Five Reasons Why Colin Bridgerton is the MVP of ‘Bridgerton’

MVP of Bridgerton, Colin Bridgerton, Number 3, is chaotic, mischievous, and underestimated by most people around him, including his own family. He gets by with his charm and sense of humor; he can read any room and know how to navigate (most) situations. His perceptibility gives him profound moments of wisdom that tend to throw others off, particularly his older brothers. The Bridgerton family wouldn’t be where they are without

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