Ben Barnes Talks ‘Songs for You’ EP, Storytelling, Austen Romance Adaptations, and More

Ben Barnes Interview cover image by Jay Gilbert
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Ben Barnes is a popular fan cast for various adaptations for a reason. Barnes’ innate passion and love for storytelling comes from and center in everything that he does, including his latest long awaited EP, Songs for You.


You can’t help but root for an artist like Ben Barnes to succeed at everything he touches because the nuanced attention and meticulous care for everything that he does is easily transparent the moment you exchange a few words with him.

Songs for You is just the beginning for Barnes, undoubtedly preluding a beautiful future ahead while showcasing vulnerability at every turn. After years of being edited and reading off scripts, this was Barnes way of telling the world a version of his story—his arc, his longings.

In an intimately crafted, poetic EP, Barnes makes sure listeners know the importance of words, his connections with them, and just why this was the most perfect time to release it. I wanted to share something of myself, by myself, that was the catalyst of finally doing it, Barnes stated.

Barnes even goes into discussing which songs off of his new EP he thinks would best fit the relationships on Shadow and Bone, singling out “Rise Up,” “Pirate Song,”and “Not the End.”

And as fans everywhere know—Barnes is easily one of the most popular fan casts to date. As an actor with immense and stunning range, it’s no surprise that fans want to see more of him. Something we’re all in agreement on is that it’s high time he’s cast as the romantic lead. When asked about whether he’d do it, Barnes glowed at the mention of it, noting that he wants his When Harry Met Sally or Notting Hill moment! If we rally hard enough, we’ll all get our wish, Barnes included.

Check out the interview with below!

If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out the music videos for “11:11” and “Rise Up” below.

Ben Barnes also has own exclusive merchandise for the EP, and you could find all the goodies here.


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