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Here at Marvelous Geeks, we operate by a very specific rule taught to us as children: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” We criticize if something we love could improve, but if we outright dislike something, we likely won’t talk about it. We all have our concerns in the world of fiction, ways we want the series, film, album to grow, but there’s an enormous difference between offering opinions and hating. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect.

We offer in-depth analyses, we break theories down, but we will never trash something. If we begin to dislike the direction of where a TV series is going, we’ll stop reviewing it because we do not want to bash something we know others might still enjoy. Just because we don’t like it and can’t relate to it, doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

We put our hearts, time, and energy into making our reviews, and podcast episodes what they are. We want readers to feel the kind of love we felt while watching and writing.

If you don’t find something on our website, chances are we either don’t watch it/listen to it or didn’t love it enough to write about it. However, we are open to suggestions.

*We have a strict no spoilers policy in our advance reviews. We are fans, first and foremost, and we want our readers to enjoy things as we did–spoiler-free. When something has officially released and it’s available to everyone, then we’ll discuss using spoilers (and always with a warning beforehand), but you’ll never find spoilers in any of our advance reviews.

Above all things, this is a place for inclusivity, there is no right or wrong way to consume media, but there is a right or wrong way to behave towards other human beings. We stand by the oppressed and marginalized communities of the world, and we always aim to be on the right side of history. We will speak up about corrupt officials and rules. We will do everything we can to amplify the voices that’ve long been disregarded.

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The Team

Gissane Sophia
Founder, Head Writer, and Editor in Chief

Jenna Anne
Writer and Lady Geeks’ Society co-host

Meredith Loftus

Alice Sarkisyan

Dana Danbury

Jamie Whitebread

Felicia Henderson