Scene Breakdown: Julie Sings “Wake Up” for the First Time on Julie and the Phantoms

Cr. KAILEY SCHWERMAN/NETFLIX © 2020 Julie and the Phantoms is extraordinary from start to finish and its pilot episode, appropriately titled “Wake Up” sets the stage for what is to come beautifully. There are so few words to truly describe the incredibly transcendent feeling Madison Reyes’ “Wake Up” evokes from the moment her fingers trace... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance

April 4-10"The Whole World is Watching" | The Falcon and The Winter SoldierSebastian Stan Source: Disney+ Sebastian Stan is a fascinating performer with incredible range and the kind of actor whose roles are often easily transformative, which allow viewers to separate each of his characters effortlessly. He’s not just Bucky Barnes, and he’s never been,... Continue Reading →

Relationship Deep Dive: Marvel’s Wanda Maximoff and Vision

Source: Disney Plus Type: RomanticShow | Film: WandaVision, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity WarFeatured Characters: Wanda Maximoff and Vision  I just feel you. It starts off slowly and it starts with a quiet look. One glance, one exchange. It’s opposing teams and it’s mutual pining, but more than anything, it’s two people (souls?) who find themselves connected... Continue Reading →

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