Music Monday: ‘Eternals’ (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Ramin Djawadi


The Eternals original motion picture soundtrack gorgeously encompasses the film’s essence, heart, and its characters. And Ramin Djawadi is the perfect composer for a film as grand-scaled. While I have my reservations against the film’s writing, I can’t help but wonder what Chloé Zhao’s visionary directing and Djawadi’s scores could have done if the film was a TV series instead.

But that’s far from the point. This isn’t a film review. This is simply an opportunity to geek out over the fact that the Eternals original motion picture soundtrack is hauntingly breathtaking. Djawadi’s style is so acutely evocative, you can feel every beat down to the bone.

Eternals original motion picture soundtrack feels transformative. As a story that spans through decades, the score meets it halfway with every track. “Isn’t it Beautiful” in particular is very much so stunning, good luck taking it off replay. As are “Remember” and “Missions”–both the kind of tracks that are so achingly transportive, it’s dazzling. But let’s not forget the actual “Eternals Theme,” which again, if this were a TV series, and fans were hearing it weekly, it’d have just the kind of effect the Game of Thrones theme has. I said what I said.

The balance between battle-themed tracks and slower ballads is, without question, my favorite detail from the Eternals score because with Marvel especially, sometimes its heavier with the former than the latter. And as someone who generally seeks out slower tracks for writing inspiration, the slower ballads do the best job of inspiring.

Comprised of 20 tracks and one song, “Nach Mera Hero” by Celina Sharma, the score is gorgeously moving and otherworldly in all the right ways. The film’s cinematography is an undeniable marvel and the score works alongside it pristinely.

Listen to the Eternals original motion picture soundtrack below and tell us which tracks are your favorite.

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