Music Monday: ‘Back to Us’ by Clyde Alves

Album cover of Back to Us by Clyde Alves.
©2021 Clyde Alves

Back to Us by Clyde Alves is six track EP from the Broadway artist that’s a must listen. I’ll be frank in admitting that I initially discovered Alves’ artistic abilities when he and his wife, Moulin Rouge: The Musical‘s Tony award nominated Robyn Hurder (Nini) covered Taylor Swift’s “Lover.” And while I adore Swift, the Alves/Hurder version of the song is my absolute favorite now. (It deserves more views on YouTube, folks—get on it.)

Back to Us by Clyde Alves celebrates family, art, love, and the trajectory of raw growth. It’s upbeat, uplifting, and the kind of EP you can take a good drive to. You know the kind—wrapped with comforting guitar strings and intrinsic lyrics engulfed with stunning storytelling.

There’s even a track dedicated to their son, Hudson titled “Hudson’s Song,” and as someone whose parents also have a song dedicated to—the older he gets, the more it’ll mean to him. To know that you are so loved, your father dedicated a part of his art to you is a type of feeling that are no words for. I can vouch for this.

The titular song, “Back to Us” needs to be in a romance film in the future, and if I hear it, I’ll be sure to bop along to.

It’s a lyrically stunning EP and full of lovely range. “Wonder What” is my personal favorite and just the kind of song I look for in an initial introduction. What’s the story that’s being told? Is it vulnerable? Is it raw? “Wonder What” is that track for me. It’s the kind you think about for hours on end with lyrics so beautifully moving, pressing replay is inevitable.

The EP is just the kind I’d recommend to anyone and everyone because it doesn’t cater to a single genre. There’s something almost universally engaging about it, and that’s an accomplishment without a doubt.

Back to Us by Clyde Alves is available to stream all over. Listen below and tell us which tracks are your favorite.

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