Music Monday: ‘Moulin Rouge’ Original Broadway Cast Recording

Key art for the Moulin Rouge Original Broadway Cast Recording soundtrack.
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It’s official, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is a multi Tony Award winning production, including, Best Musical. The curtains have gone up again, the celebrations have occured, and now is the perfect time to once again fawn over the Moulin Rouge Original Broadway Cast Recording soundtrack. (And maybe you’re all wondering why on earth this took me so long, but in my defense, I’ve covered the musical extensively on more than one occasion before.)

I don’t think there’s a single track on the Moulin Rouge Original Broadway Cast Recording soundtrack I don’t love and that includes “Firework,” the one song I still wish was different. And yet, Karen Olivo’s voice remains unmatched, so I have no choice but to adore the song just because it’s them singing it.

And while I know people wish the songs weren’t so different from Baz Luhrmann’s original movie, I actually like that they aren’t the same. It makes it that much better that there are two different versions to be adored.

No one should be surprised by the fact that Tony Award winner Aaron Tveit’s voice owns me. It’s a thing, we all know it. I’m legitimately tired of the power this man’s voice has on me. It’s too much. “Crazy/Rolling?” The vocals on that track should be illegal. Tveit and Olivo are on fire together. It’s so exhilarating, it makes me want to go out on a run. I don’t run, folks. I hate running. And yet, here we are.

The cover of “Chandelier,” “Only Girl In A Material World,” “EL TANGO DE ROXANNE.” I straight up don’t know what to do with myself because of this soundtrack.

And then there’s “Backstage Romance.” Good lord, Robyn Hurder and Ricky Rojas are sublime. It’s fire fire fire fire fire. The entire soundtrack. It’s been a couple years now, you’d think I’d be able to properly discuss it, but nope. I love the soundtrack too much for my own good. I’m fully aware of this. The addition of Outcast’s “Hey Ya” into the “Encore?” Perfection.

The addition of Fun’s “We Are Young” into “Truth Beauty Freedom Love” is not something I ever thought I’d need, but so glad it’s something we have. I thought I couldn’t love a version of the “Elephant Love Medley” more and yet, here we are. Bottom line, think what you will, in this house, the Moulin Rouge musical soundtrack reigns in this house.

My only complaint? If you’ve seen the show on Broadway then you know there are amazing pre-show tracks playing, and I’m still bitter we don’t have that instrumental on the soundtrack. I need it in my life.

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Listen to the original broadway cast recording below and tell us which tracks are your favorite!

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