Music Monday: ‘Little Women’ (1995) Original Score by Thomas Newman

Little Women 1995 Original Score by Thomas Newman album cover

The Little Women 1995 original score by Thomas Newman is one of the most memorable scores in existence. Its means of transporting listeners back in time is unparalleled because so much of this film’s magic is found in the music that brings extraordinary emotions into the scenes.

The 3,101,645 plays on Spotify (as of the day I’m writing this, September 23, 2021) should be enough to state just how beautiful “Orchard House (Main Title)” is. Take me back to 1868 Plumfield (likely Concord, Massachusetts) where all my autumnal dreams will be fulfilled.

“Orchard House (Main Title)” from the Little Women 1995 original score is one of those tracks that is so deeply nostalgic, its means of evoking a plethora of emotions linked to sense memories knows no bounds. At least for me. It hits every single time, and I’m sure I’m responsible for at least thousands of those plays.

There is a triumphant energy throughout all tracks that never ceases to be uplifting. Including the track, “Little Women,” which is so much sadder but because it encompasses a plethora of love and family, it’s beautiful still. It’s hopeful. It’s cathartic.

Thomas Newman’s means of creating something so lively even through the somber notes deserves to be credited. That achievement alone is something I personally cannot fathom, but I am deeply grateful for nevertheless.

There’s never a right time to listen to the Little Women 1995 original score, but for me, Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. Though there are notes for Spring, something about this time year feels much cozier when the score is on replay as much as the film is.

If I could leave an original score on replay for hours on end without ever getting frustrating with any of the tracks, then that is how I know it’s revered for me. Bonus points if it puts me right back into my feels about a specific movie and that’s exactly what this score does.

Listen to the Little Women 1995 Original Score below and tell us which tracks are your favorite.

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