Music Monday: Atonement (Original Score) by Dario Marianelli

Welcome to another emotionally charged period drama original score. This week we’re throwing it back to Joe Wright's Atonement, original score by Dario Marianelli. There are a lot of mixed feelings about this movie given most of what happens, but we’ve yet to encounter someone who’s a fan of such scores say that Atonement's isn’t... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift “evermore” Album Review

On the week of her 31st birthday, Taylor Swift announced the continuation to her exquisite folklore album, and no one had the proper time to prepare. But now that we are post evermore, we can confirm, we are yet again in awe. Photo: Beth Garrabrant We covered folklore song by song on an episode of Marvelous Geeks Podcast a few months... Continue Reading →

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