Music Monday: ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 (Original Soundtrack) by Joseph Trapanese

key art for The Witcher Season 2 original soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese
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The Witcher Season 2 original soundtrack is not one to burn but one to continuously have on replay instead. Where we aren’t tossing coins this year, we still very much have a pun-filled delight of a song stuck in our heads thanks to Joey Batey’s “Burn Butcher Burn.” Batey’s performance of the dramatic number and the track itself should be officially added into all Karaoke venues.


And where there isn’t a track as captivating as “Everytime You Leave” from Volume I, there are still plenty of gorgeous numbers that are constantly on a loop. (I should also note, for anyone that cares “Everytime You Leave” was the number one song on my Spotify Wrapped this year.) 

Joseph Trapanese, the composer who’s also responsible for Shadow and Bone Season 1’s stunning original score we can’t get enough of, completely outdoes himself with The Witcher Season 2 original soundtrack. Through tracks such as “I Believe in You,” “Stay With Me,” “The Pendulum,” “We’re Your Family,” and “You Belong With Us,” it’s easy to get lost in the emotions the music evokes—the melancholy, the heart, and everything in between.

The album is comprised of 32 perfectly appropriate songs to go along with the explosively quiet second season. Though I’m not listening to the battle-tunes like “Nilfgaard Attacks” on replay, Trapanese manages to make even the darker tracks a marvel to listen to outside of the episode. And then there’s also the magic behind “Who Did This to You?” which likely has all Yenralt shippers in the best kind of chokehold, I’m sure.

As one of Netflix’s strongest and most thrilling series, the soundtrack goes along with its epic tone brilliantly. Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli even return to combine all expertise in “Remembering Cintra” and it’s glorious.

Listen to The Witcher Season 2 original soundtrack below and tell us which tracks are your favorite!


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