Music Monday: “Lalisa” by Lisa (of Blackpink)

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Lisa, k-pop group Blackpink’s main rapper and main dancer, has finally released her long-anticipated solo debut, and my goodness, if you didn’t know her name before, you certainly won’t forget it anytime soon.

Lisa (real name Lalisa Manoban) released “Lalisa” on September 10, and I don’t think I have stopped bouncing to this beat since! I have always been a huge fan of her raps (I think my personal favorite is probably in Blackpink’s Playing With Fire), and this solo song is no exception–especially when her English rap kicks up to double speed. Even though she speaks many different languages, we don’t always get to hear a fully English rap from her, so I was extremely excited about it, especially knowing how hard she had to work to perfect it. Naturally, she absolutely nailed it.

As a song, “Lalisa” by Lisa has a catchy beat and chorus, and as a music video, every outfit, every concept truly fits her tough but bubbly persona. I can’t remember the last time I saw a music video where the singer was truly just nailing every single look, but this one fits the bill. Every look feels expensive, too, which fits Lisa’s extremely confident, untouchable vibe in this song. It’s visually and musically a pop dream of a video made even more special by the references to her Thai heritage during the dance break. It’s so beautiful to get to see her celebrate parts of her heritage that she doesn’t often get to in her artistry. By the end of the video, she looks like a goddess plated in gold, and it’s gorgeous.

The most fun part of this song for me as a fan of hers is how well her individuality comes through. Even though her group has just 4 members, part of her job with her group is to contribute to the overall sound of Blackpink as a unit, and it was really fun to hear her present herself more as an individual. She blends so seamlessly with the group, along with the rest of the members, that it is always a treat to hear any of their solo releases and get to know each member a little more individually.

It’s also always wonderful to see the girls present songs with confidence, and Lisa has that in spades here, despite sometimes being a more shy member of the group. She really seems to have grown in her self-confidence in this song, which I think is beautiful and encourages listeners to find their own confidence, too.

So go ahead–play this one on repeat, you know the attitude, the loudest in the room–you know you want to.

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(PS: her other release with this track, “Money“, is a perfect payday, treat-yo-self jam! If you’d like to see why she’s the main dancer of the group, here’s a performance video of her new song “Lalisa”. The choreography isn’t overly difficult, but she blows it out of the water!)

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