Music Monday: ‘Myth: A Frozen Tale’ (Original Soundtrack) by Joseph Trapanese

album cover for Myth: A Frozen Tale original soundtrack

We’re kicking ourselves for not discovering Disney‘s Myth: A Frozen Tale original soundtrack last year because it would’ve certainly been on our Spotify Wrapped. Joseph Trapanese’s brilliant original score is the perfect kind of ambiance for writers in need of instrumentals. If you’re like us and are constantly searching for whimsical melodies that offer an exquisite type of escapism, then you’re in luck. 

The tracks are so pristinely haunting and beautiful, and they might even inspire a few original stories or two. And while they’re all exceptional, I’m personally so obsessed with “The Fifth Spirit” it’s ridiculous. It feels like the triumphant number that needs to be in every final sequence–the one that makes you clench the tissues harder while you likely sob because of whatever it is you’re watching.


Comprised of only seven songs that take up 11 minutes, the Myth: A Frozen Tale original soundtrack demands to be on replay for a few hours because it’s too short of satisfying if you only listen once. It’s the kind of original score you might not even want to take off of replay, especially in the wintertime, as it feels most appropriate for this time of year more than most.

“The Myth Finale” is also a gorgeous track to finish off the soundtrack with, and it’s probably the one many are going to find themselves appreciating. There’s something so brilliantly nostalgic about the feelings the melody could evoke. Between the final track and “The Fifth Spirit,” the soundtrack starts with somewhat upbeat numbers then finishes off with the kind of calming aura we could all use.

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Listen to the Myth: A Frozen Tale original soundtrack below and let us know which tracks are your favorites. And if you’re a fan of the Frozen franchise, be sure to check out the short on Disney Plus.


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