Music Monday: ‘Long Lost’ by Lord Huron

Latest album cover for Lord Huron's Long Lost featuring a drawing of a person playing guitar with their head blurred.
Whispering Pines Studios Inc.

Long Lost, Lord Huron’s latest album is here and it’s incredible. (But then again, I haven’t listened to a Lord Huron album I didn’t like.) Long Lost features 16 songs and most of them are glorious.

Long Lost even features a 14:18 minute long instrumental titled: “Time’s Blur,” and if you know anything about me, you know that instrumentals are my jam. It’s what I currently have on replay while writing this. It’s melancholic, but ephemeral and calming, all feelings that only lovely tracks can evoke.

I have yet to pick a favorite from the musical tracks, but “Long Lost,” “Meet Me in the City,” “Mine Forever,” and “I Lied” featuring Allison Ponthier are currently at the top of the list.

“Long Lost” has a particular lyric that’s magic: “leave me where the moonbeams carve through the leaves like blades.” No, but seriously, how stunning is that?

There’s also “Meet Me in the City,” which much to no one’s surprise, it’s reminding me of Shadow and Bone’s Kaz and Inej. Shocking, I know. It’s ultimately one part of the song, a single lyric: “you and me are gonna paint this town, we’ll go wild and seize the night.” Tell me that doesn’t scream Kanej. But that’s not it, folks; there’s “Mine Forever,” too. And here I am drowning in my feels over “don’t laugh, you’ll make me cry”. I mean, point clear, right?

Lord Huron’s Ben Schneider has one of my favorite voices ever, and they’re one of the bands I’ll never hit next on. Sometimes certain bands and musicians require me to be in a specific mood to listen, but I’m always in the mood for Lord Huron.

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Listen to Long Lost below and tell us what your favorite tracks are.

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