Music Monday: “Beautiful Crime” by Tamer

Single cover of "Beautiful Crime" by Tamer

Do you also obsessively listen to a song on replay until you get sick of it or are you normal? Same. This week’s feature is from an artist I personally hadn’t heard of before, but I’ve been on such a Kaz and Inej fan videos kick that it’s where my discovery came from. “Beautiful Crime” by Tamer is something else entirely.

It’s such a perfect song for the duo that you can’t convince me it wasn’t written for them. (This is my headcanon now. Let me have it.) No, but on a serious note, while the song is lyrically beautiful, the melody helps ground it into an almost dreamlike daze, which makes it even better. Sometimes you don’t want a slow song, you want something you can’t quite put your finger on and this is one of those.

There’s something about it that reminds me of the indescribable world Lord Huron have created, and it’s a world I never want to leave once I’m back in. The music, the tone, and Tamer’s voice as an artist are utterly captivating to no end. It’s nearly impossible to get tired of this song despite having it on replay for an embarrassing amount of time. (Seriously it’s been too long. I can’t stop geeking out over it.)

Each step I left behind
Each road you know is mine
Walking on a line ten stories high
Say you’ll still be by my side

If I could take your hand, oh
If you could understand
That I can barely breathe, the air is thin
I fear the fall and where we’ll land

We fight every night for something
When the sun sets, we’re both the same
Half in the shadows
Half burned in flames
We can’t look back for nothin’
Take what you need, say your goodbyes
I gave you everything
And it’s a beautiful crime

If you want to watch the KANEJ video and come cry with me about it, here it is. Not to be dramatic, but I haven’t been the same person since I watched this.

Listen to “Beautiful Crime” by Tamer below and come scream about the lyrics with us.

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