Music Monday: ‘Cinderella’ 2015 (Original Score) by Patrick Doyle

Cinderella original score cover

Welcome back to another throwback score–no one’s gotten tired of these of yet, have they? Because we’re loving it. Especially since most of these throwback scores are ones we still listen to on a loop. Disney’s 2015 live-action Cinderella is one of best adaptations since Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (which is now finally on Disney Plus, but the soundtrack is not on Spotify and we’re itching for it.) And Patrick Doyle’s work in the Cinderella original score is breathtaking.

As stunning as this version of Cinderella is, it’d be nothing without the magical, transportive score. Between “A Golden Childhood,” “The Stag,” “Ella and Kit,” “Courage and Kindness,” I’m constantly a blubbering wreck every time I listen to them. There’s also the original trailer track, which isn’t Patrick Doyle, but Audiomachine’s “Above and Beyond,” and it is one of my essential go-tos when writing anything that’s deeply moving to me.

There is something so warm and gentle about this score—something so transportive and nostalgic in its way of taking us back to our childhoods, which I suppose is why this story’s so special. There’s an innocence in this version that is unmatched and so much of that can be heard in the score, too. It’s thrilling and exciting while being serenely enigmatic and moving too.

Like many Disney original scores, it takes us back while allowing us to jump into a world that’s transportive in the best way.

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Listen to the Cinderella original score below and let us know which tracks are your favorite.

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