Music Monday: ‘Enola Holmes’ (Original Score) by Daniel Pemberton

Daniel Pemberton has composed some of our favorite scores in the past and with the news of Enola Holmes II coming, it’s time to revisit the impeccable score from Netflix’s original film.

Enola Holmes is one of the most delightful films that released last year and its score contributes perfectly to the film’s style. As you all know by now, original scores are our jam! How often do we have this one on replay? A lot. “Enola Holmes (Wild Child)” opens up the story with the kind of theme that’s bound to be memorable. I adore many of Pemberton’s tracks, but no opening theme is quite as memorable as this whimsical gem.

But Pemberton also has some of the most beautiful slow tracks and with this score in particular, “An Old Friend” is that track. Along with “Mother,” which is a sweet little masterpiece of a track that’s so soft and heartwarming, it’s bound to be felt right down to the bones. There’s also “Fields of London,” which is just lovely.

Enola Holmes’ original score, even without the context of the film is simply magical, adventurous, and so surprisingly comforting even amidst the more upbeat tracks.

Listen below and tell us which tracks are your favorite.

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