Music Monday: ‘Rosaline’ (Original Soundtrack) by Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist

Rosaline original soundtrack cover
©20th Century Studios

As fun and lovely as the film, the Rosaline original soundtrack is a brilliantly entertaining collaborative feat by Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist. Short, refreshing, wild, and full of some stunning covers of classic songs, it’s something we’re sure Bridgerton fans especially would enjoy. And most importantly, it is, without question, another delight to add to our never-ending list of period drama original scores.

The Rosaline original soundtrack is the kind of delight that can follow a listener through whatever mood they’re in. Something whimsical? Something nostalgic? Something a little sad and unsure? Something happy? It’s the complete package for a wide variety of emotions, simultaneously taking listeners through one adventure after another.

Further, while the tracks are full of great originals specifically constructed for the film, like “Dario Leaves,” which will remain rent-free in my mind just like Dario, it’s also brimming with some great instrumental covers of hits like “All By Myself.” It’s the best kind of doozy as it blends traditional sounds with classic beats to set us through various moods. Also, “Your Friend, Rosaline” and “Lovers Detour” are two of the most stunning tracks for which words escape me.

“Kiss On The Dock” provides the kind of glorious ending that only the best kind of romance could, allowing the music to add to the scene in a riveting light that highlights the emotions through transcendent sounds. It’s easy and fun where it needs to be, yet it still manages to tug heavily in the areas where it matters. Where the newer songs dazzle, the older ones hit in whole new ways—some of which you don’t even see coming, making it much more riveting. The film is a love story, after all, and the Rosaline original soundtrack matches its vigor with all the right beats, making it one that we’ll turn to often.

Listen to the Rosaline original soundtrack below and let us know which tracks are your favorites.


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