Music Monday: Jurassic World Dominion (Original Score) by Michael Giacchino

Jurassic World Dominion original score by Michael Giacchino cover
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While the final installment of the Jurassic World franchise splits fans and critics, there’s no denying that, like John Williams’ work with the original trilogy, Michael Giacchino‘s scores are brilliant. Jurassic World Dominion’s original score is an adventurous marvel comprised of 32 tracks that shape and whiz, with the slower numbers managing to tug where necessary.

Tracks like “Campfire to Her Soul,” “A Sattler State of Affairs/Alan For Granted/Sattler? I Barely Know Her,” “Girls Can Alpha Too,” are some glaringly extraordinary numbers, and “Suite, Suite Dino Revenge” is the best kind of track to conclude the soundtrack with.

Giacchino knows how to balance his scores with the right amount of heart and energetic salutes, bringing something tremendously memorable to each score he touches. While the film might have faults because of diverting storylines, the score is entirely faultless. There’s no denying the fact that alongside the original trio returning to the film, the original score is its strongest asset.

The Jurassic World Dominion original score is effortlessly transportive to keep in the background, and whether you’ve ever watched one of the films or not, you could (and should) still listen to the score. Where the film dives into nostalgic elements while propelling audiences to look towards the present, the music beautifully touches on the heart of the film. And while this is done throughout the entirety of the album, how the final song acts as a culmination of new and old is utterly masterful and goosebumps evoking. These very tracks could transport listeners towards places they might not have otherwise ventured to, and that’s where a majority of its charm lies.

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Listen to the Jurassic World Dominion original soundtrack and tell us which tracks are your favorites in the comments below.


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