‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Trailer and New Poster are Here and We’re Hyped

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier poster
Source: Disney+

It is no surprise that we have superhero fatigue. I feel like it’s something I keep saying on here every time I come on to write something about Marvel. But it’s Marvel–they have me, to the end of time devoted and excited, no matter how exhausted. And that is certainly the case with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I’m hyped. At this point, and after the success of WandaVision, all of us at Marvelous Geeks are hyped.

In the past, we knew anything and everything about Marvel. We walked into everything with 101 theories and more than a few of them were always true. And those who follow along with the Marvelous Geeks podcast know this is especially true with Peggy Carter. But after Avengers: Endgame we decided to take somewhat of a different approach, stepping back a little to fully enjoy and that proved to be an exceptional decision since WandaVision has managed to surprise us week after week. So with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier we are taking that same step back. But what we are going to do because Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes basically own our hearts is, we are going to have highlights for every episode following the premiere–because really, how could we not? Who would we be if we didn’t?

We all have a random Marvel Cinematic Universe moment that lives rent-free in our minds–mine is and has been unchanged since: “Can you move your seat up?” “No.”, and truly though, can anyone blame me? We all knew these two needed a spin-off from that very moment, and the fact that we are actually getting it, in a little over a month is still unbelievable. It’s going to be marvelous (pun intended). Just watch the trailer. (We know you’ve all watched it over and over again as we have, but watch it again. It just keeps getting better.)

Source: Marvel UK YouTube

Now that you have watched the trailer for the gazillionth time–let’s talk about the fact that we are drowning in our feelings. The banter is already on point. The staring contest? Jesus! Here for it. Bucky screaming? A whole mood–the biggest mood. But we are also here for Sam Wilson picking up Captain America’s shield and using it. And we are a sobbing, blubbering mess over Steve Rogers’ Captain America poster on his left in the single shot. So many of us have collectively lost it on the internet because of that. I’ve been sobbing since last night.

The concept of on your left has always been one of our favorite things in the cinematic universe and therefore, seeing it in this light, seeing it still around even when Steve Rogers isn’t is the one thing we had no idea we needed but deep down, probably prayed for. (The shot inside of the star with him holding the shield in the trailer? We are undone.) Sam Wilson as Captain America is going to have us ugly crying in all the right ways way too many times and we can’t wait to share all those feelings weekly.

But finally, Sharon Carter IS BACK! That said, I’m so ready to see Sharon kick ass and show these perfectly delightful buffoons just how it’s done. I mean, just the fact that she is on the poster, at the center has us geeking out in all the right ways. We are finally getting female representation done right so I’m choosing to trust that we are going to love everything that happens with her character. We adore her and we are ready to stan her even harder–bring it!

There’s already so much delicious footage in the trailer, and to answer Migos’ “Is You Ready?” we are ready–the whole (geek) squad is ready! What are your thoughts on the trailer and new poster? Come scream with us in the comments below.

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