This is Us 2×11 “The Fifth Wheel”

Big Three Moments of the Week Welcome back to the first review of the year, and I hope 2018 is treating you all beautifully so far. I debated changing up the structure for this review because I had an enormous issue with this episode that I wanted to single out, but for whatever reason, I... Continue Reading →

2017 Year-End Reviews: 10 Characters

A great story is easily driven by its complex, compelling, remarkably exquisite characters. Whether they're heroes or villains or somewhere in between the spectrum, it's their stories that make the series riveting -- their journey, their life, their interactions. They are the reason a series is special. They are the heart. And while there are... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×10 “Number Three”

Big Three Moments of the Week It is the age-old fact that every choice we make changes the course of our lives. There's a reason we shouldn't challenge the "what ifs" and simultaneously, a reason why we always will. Whether we understand the concept that things happen for a reason or not, we'll continue questioning... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×09 “Number Two”

Big Three Moments of the Week There are moments in every human beings life when nothing they've done could've changed the outcome of their situations. And it is those very moments that define how human beings move forward in the face of tragedies. The darkest events in our lives are directly correlated with our growth... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×08 “Number One”

Big Three Moments of the Week There will come a time in every human being's life where they will need the guidance of another. Those moments come differently to all, in some scenarios, it happens gradually without any sort of spiral. In others, it's darker, bleaker, lonelier, and when the spiral comes, help isn't always... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×06 “The 20’s”

Big Three Moments of the Week "The 20’s” gave us some of the most beautiful scenes with Rebecca that simultaneously showcased what an absolute star Mandy Moore is. We’ve had a number of episodes giving Jack the platform to shine as a parent, and we’ve had each of the kids given similar opportunities, but with... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×05 “Brothers”

Big Three Moments of the Week Genetics -- it's a funny thing really. The way we silently, unknowingly become what we see in our parents/guardians -- even when we don't want to. Because unless we're fervently working towards an objective, it's easy to give in to what's in front of us. Addictive personalities are complicated,... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×04 “Still There”

Big Three Moments of the Week When human beings are put into uncomfortable situations we are forced one of two things. Either we fight for our happiness, better ourselves, and move forward or we allow the uncomfortable situations to consume us. It is harder to fight than to merely accept things for what they are. This... Continue Reading →

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