This is Us 2×06 “The 20’s”

Big Three Moments of the Week

“The 20’s” gave us some of the most beautiful scenes with Rebecca that simultaneously showcased what an absolute star Mandy Moore is. We’ve had a number of episodes giving Jack the platform to shine as a parent, and we’ve had each of the kids given similar opportunities, but with Rebecca it’s always been limited to moments that forced audiences not to side with her, and that’s probably been the most frustrating aspect of the series because I’ve hated having to justify how incredibly human her behavior is when fans began disliking her. But this episode gave her the perfect situations to expose just how much love fuels her, and how hard she tries to be the kind of parent who’s helping her kids grow. Through her struggles and mistakes, Rebecca is the kind of character who’s ceaselessly learning thereby, allowing the audience to understand that perfection is unachievable while flaws are inevitable. (Mostly, I just want to gush about the spectacular performance Mandy Moore put on that made me ugly cry more than once.)

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