Scene Breakdown: Nathan Shelley’s Big Break in Ted Lasso’s “The Hope That Kills You”

Source: Apple TV Welcome back to another Thursday (unofficial) Ted Lasso scene breakdown. As you all know by now, we have no plans to stop writing about this show. And as we mentioned the first time we broke down a scene from “The Hope That Kills You,” every single scene from this episode is worthy of in-depth... Continue Reading →

Scene Breakdown: Fluffy Pillows and the Words of a Six-Year-Old on Ted Lasso’s “All Apologies”

Source: Apple TV Welcome back to another Ted Lasso scene breakdown, while we’ve discussed the importance of the locker room vulnerability shared between Keeley and Roy and how significant the scene is for character development, it’s time to discuss what happens previously. Ted Lasso is brilliantly hilarious, but we won’t stop praising the fact that the series excels at... Continue Reading →

Best of 2020: TV Episodes

It's been a strange year and it's been an especially quiet year for TV that hasn't looked the way it's done in the past. But there have been surprising delights sprinkled throughout particularly where finales are concerned. This year sounded differently, too as we took Year-End Reviews to Marvelous Geeks Podcast in a two part... Continue Reading →

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