Taylor Swift’s Folklore Album Review ft. Amanda Lee

Marvelous Geeks Episode 30: Taylor Swift’s Folklore Album Review ft. Amanda Lee

On this week’s episode of Marvelous Geeks, Gissane Sophia sits down with the biggest Taylor Swift fan she knows, one of her favorite humans, Amanda Lee. The two discuss their top favorite songs off of Folklore along with their favorite lyrics from each song. They also choose a favorite song from Swift’s entire discography.

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Music Monday

November 2, 2015

Clean” — Taylor Swift

On Saturday (10/31/15) in Tampa, Florida, Taylor Swift made a beautifully inspirational speech about online bullies before this particular song, and if something moves us to tears, we need to share it with all of you.

“It’s hard to get those voices out of your head once they’re in there but the last couple of years, I’d say my favorite thing I’ve learned is that we are not the opinion of people who don’t know us or care about us. And you know when people say something to us it might stick in our minds, it’s almost like we’ve got these insecurities painted all over us because now we carry them everywhere we go, but the minute that you can learn to block out what people who don’t care about say to or about you, in front of you or behind your back, is the moment you look in the mirror is the moment you don’t see those things written all over you anymore. And you don’t feel like other people think that about you anymore. And in that moment, you’re clean.” 

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