Scandal 5×20 “Trump Card” and 5×21 “That’s My Girl” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Abby finds out a big secret that Liv has been hiding thanks to her father. Episode Summary: We meet our presidential nominees. Review | Analysis: Abby and Olivia team up with Fitz and the Gladiators try to bring down their common enemy, Hollis Doyle. Because it is so natural for them to backstab each... Continue Reading →

Scandal 5×19 “Buckle Up” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Both parties pick the one candidate that no one considered “real.” Episode Summary: Abby and Olivia have a fight, Mellie finds herself in a pickle, Cyrus’ life is falling apart and the next President of the United States is still up for grabs. Review | Analysis: In this week’s episode, Scandal showed us a... Continue Reading →

Scandal 5×18 “Til Death Do Us Part” Recap

Spoilers Ahead We finally learn about Jake’s biological family. Episode Summary: Olivia returns to normalcy after killing Andrew two weeks ago, but it’s more about Jake. Review | Analysis: With a slew of flashbacks, we learn that Jake’s father beat his mother and raped his sister. Jake feels somewhat responsible about not doing anything to... Continue Reading →

Scandal 5×12 “Wild Card” Recap

Spoilers Ahead: Everyone loves a hero. Episode Summary: Rowan is back and so is Tom. Cyrus is evil. Liv is jealous of what Fitz and Jake are doing in their personal lives. David is leading Susan on again. Review | Analysis: The stage is set thanks to Sally reminding everyone it’s election season. And of course... Continue Reading →

Scandal 5×11 “The Candidate” Recap

Spoilers Ahead One word ex-girfriend. Episode Summary: Liv and Mellie team up to get Mellie elected as the 45th President of the United States. Review | Analysis: Liv and Mellie finished Mellie’s book and just released the best chapter yet - how she was able to stand by Fitz while the revealing of his affair... Continue Reading →

Scandal 5×09 “Rasputin” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Liv gets an abortion. Episode Summary: Olivia makes a shocking decision that will change her relationship with Fitz forever. Review | Analysis: Let’s be honest right now. We did NOT see what happened on the winter finale of Scandal coming. Like at all. Christmas is supposed to a time where everyone is happy and... Continue Reading →

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