Chicago P.D. 2×23 “Born Into Bad News” Recap

Spoilers Ahead  “Born Into Bad News” was solid – a finale with an intriguing plot, excellent performances, and unanswered questions that’ll leave fans anticipating season three. Episode Summary: Retired officer Commander Perry chooses to help his nephew clear his name from a narcotic unit who are using their job to get additional money from drug busts.... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day | ’15

Inspiring Female Activist: SophiaBush | Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Sophia Bush has graced our screens in countless films / tv series playing incredibly memorable characters, but it’s the work she does away from the camera that leaves us inspired most. During her days on One Tree Hill Bush was part of a fantastic campaign known... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

May 18-25 Sophia Bush | Chicago PD Sophia Bush has an exceptional way of delivering emotional scenes with the utmost form of authenticity. There’s never a time where her performance doesn’t feel raw, and while she’s been incredible as Erin Lindsay since Chicago PD has aired, she stole the spotlight numerous times in “A Beautiful Friendship” through... Continue Reading →

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