Scene Breakdown: Simon and Daphne Form an Attachment on Bridgerton’s “Diamond of the First Water”

NETFLIX © 2020 We know we've talked plenty about Bridgerton's Simon and Daphne, but with the news that Regé-Jean Page won't be returning for season two, we figured we'd do scene breakdowns for all their dances because that's what everyone wants, right? While we've already discussed our favorite, their first in "Shock and Delight" it's... Continue Reading →

Character Deep Dive: Simon Basset

NETFLIX © 2020 Portrayed by: Regé-Jean PageBook | Show: Julia Quinn's The Duke and I and Netflix's Bridgerton Simon Basset. Duke of Hastings. Everyone and their mother’s latest obsession—rightfully so as Regé-Jean Page’s enticing performances have made him one of the most memorable characters of the year. Bridgerton characters are all so flushed out, so... Continue Reading →

Bridgerton 1×07 “Oceans Apart” Review

NETFLIX © 2020  What we say versus what we believe can sometimes differ and that is certainly the case in Bridgerton’s incredible penultimate episode. Since these stories do technically end after each season, it seems fitting that “Oceans Apart” would be the one before the remarkable finale. Tensions are running high in the Hastings/Basset household,... Continue Reading →

Bridgerton 1×06 “Swish” Review

NETFLIX © 2020 | Digital Painting by Jenna Guidi “Swish” should have been titled something along the lines of “The One Where All the Secrets Come Out” because really, that title does not set up the amount that happens in this episode or how it makes anyone feel. This one’s a tough one to cover.... Continue Reading →

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