Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast | Episode III: “Shock and Delight” Review

On this week's episode of Lady Geeks' Society Podcast, we discuss all things Bridgerton's "Shock and Delight." What did we think of the flashbacks? What is the deal with Nigel Berbrooke's persistence? Is Anthony on his way toward becoming Viscount Bridgerton? What about that final scene with Simon insisting Daphne call him by his name?... Continue Reading →

Bridgerton 1×02 “Shock and Delight” Review

NETFLIX © 2020  This episode should have been titled “The One with All the Baby Questions.” An episode so well balanced between humor and heartache, it’s hard to believe it’s only the season's second. “Shock and Delight” is a whirlwind of adventures, but it’s also the beginning of vulnerability, and the first exhibition of just... Continue Reading →

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