Once Upon A Time 6×21-22 “The Final Battle” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

And they lived happily ever after.



Episode Summary: The Black Fairy’s curse hits Storybrooke trapping Killian, Snow, Charming, Regina, Zelena, and co. in the Enchanted Forest while Emma’s in a Psychiatric Hospital and it’s up to Henry to help her believe again. As it turns out, if Emma stops believing that the life she once had is real, it’ll fade from existence. Rumple faces his mother one last time. The families reunite. And they live happily ever after.

Review | Analysis: Once Upon A Time is a special show — for six years it has allowed us to begin our weeks with the faith and belief that no matter how hard things get, there’s always a happy ending in store. And while the “The Final Battle” was anything but a perfect episode, the stories it told were beautiful. Once Upon A Time may not be over for good, but a prodigious chapter has ended — a chapter that’s changed lives. A little bit of happiness in the midst of dark days where television series are uncertain, but where Once Upon A Time was concerned, we always knew it’d end well. It’d end leaving us with a surplus of hope. It’d leave us braver, kinder, better than ever.

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Once Upon A Time 6×19 “The Black Fairy” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

It’s like Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas only with saviors.

Episode Summary: In flashbacks we learn that Rumple was destined to be the savior, but learning that another would be his undoing, Fiona did everything in her power to stop it only to become the person that was prophesied against her son. She was then banished by Tiger Lily and the Blue Fairy, forcing Rumple’s father to grow resentful of him. In present day Storybrooke, Rumple pulls an inception on himself, Emma, and Gideon where he learns the truth about why his mother gave him up. Zelena learns how to drive. Killian chooses his best man. And a twist leads us closer into the final battle.

Review | Analysis: At its greatest Once Upon A Time is a show that reminds us of how much strength it takes to be vulnerable. And it’s often taken us through captivating journeys of self-discovery through characters that have had difficult times opening up their hearts. “The Black Fairy” was a fantastic reminder of the fact that there’s bravery in openness, and there’s strength in numbers. It was also the most evident reminder of the fact that evil isn’t born it’s made, and to reiterate that fact in an episode so close to the final battle was actually perfect.

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Once Upon A Time 5×11 “Swan Song” Recap

Oh, we’re off to see the … Hades?!

Episode Summary: In flashbacks we learned that when Regina chose to test Killian, she had him confront his father after he’d abandoned him and Liam. In Storybrooke, we learned that in order for a soul from the underworld to be brought back, someone living must die. And a hero’s sacrifice saves the day, but because our town savior isn’t okay with losing her love, she’s on a journey to the underworld in order to split her heart. Neverland 2.0 here we come.

Review | Analysis: There’s a reason we don’t often theorize here at MGcircles and it’s because this series always ends up blowing us away — even when we know that certain things are coming. That said, this finale may have been one of the most captivating hours on Once Upon A Time history for it served as a prime reminder of what this series ultimately is: hope. And though we’ll have to wait until March 6 of next year to find out what’s happening, we’re confident in the fact that it’ll be beautiful. As per usual, we’re left with a number of questions and a ridiculous amount of plot holes, but nonetheless, we’re pleased, and we’ve got a lot to discuss.

This season finale was a hero’s journey — Killian Jones’ “Swan Song” where he finally conquered the darkness in a way only his true love Emma Swan was able to. “Swan Song” was Killian’s justified fight against the darkness. “Swan Song” was his ultimate win and proof that we are the authors of our own fate. Love is a profound part of everyone’s journey — Killian and Emma are each other’s light, just as they are each other’s person and the anchor who’ll always bring them home.

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Once Upon A Time 5×06 “The Bear and the Bow” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Adventures and fierce ladies always make for great episodes.

Episode Summary: In Camelot, Belle convinces Merida to courageously fight for her kingdom without the use of magic. In Storybrooke, while still under the Dark Swan’s control, Merida attempts to bring the courage out of Rumple by threatening Belle. Arthur lies to the group about making contact with Merlin and when they learn the truth, they get Henry to do it — only they reach his “voice mail”. Rumple manages to pull Excalibur from the stone. And unanswered questions leave us at the edge of our seats.

Review | Analysis: “The Bear and the Bow” featured some fantastic performances, but most importantly it showcased women at their best. It reminded viewers that although we all have our weaknesses, at the end of the day, there’s courage inside everyone. And when there’s someone to believe in you, it’s always easier to see the strength within you as well. What we’re forever grateful for is great moments of females supporting females and Once Upon A Time does that remarkably well. “The Bear and the Bow” not only gave us wonderful relationship developments but it once again illuminated the power of choices and the importance of nobility.

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Once Upon A Time 5×05 “Dreamcatcher” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

You can’t just end an episode there!

Episode Summary: In Camelot, Emma resorts to the drastic decision of taking Violet’s heart in order to use Henry’s heartbreak as a way to free Merlin. Killian, Robin, Belle, and Regina break into the Dark Swan’s house and find Excalibur there. In Storybrooke Emma also makes amends with Henry and Violet, but it’s too late when Henry’s learned the truth by listening in on Regina and Robin as they watch a flashback through a dream catcher.

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode wasn’t exactly our favorite, but then again, who wants to watch their favorite character do something so devastating like break a child’s heart (even with good intentions)? Generally episodes that focus too weightily on the plot don’t leave a lot of room for discussion and in this case, they’ve left us with more questions. We’re anticipating next week’s episode as opposed to wanting to elaborate further on this and that’s not exactly fun. It did however, once again reiterate the theme that all magic comes with a price and the fact that there’s always a choice.

“Dreamcatcher” may have featured Emma Swan doing the worst thing she’d probably ever do, but it gave Jennifer Morrison the opportunity to do some brilliant work.

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