Revenge 4×23 “Two Graves” Recap

Spoilers Ahead As much as we make mistakes, It is never too late to turn around and be the person you know that you could be. Episode Summary: Amanda Clarke admits to killing Victoria Grayson. Before we can call her crazy, it is her plan of escape. With the help of Nolan, the security system... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×22 “Plea” Recap

Spoilers Ahead The truth always has a way of coming out, no matter how much we try to cover it. Episode Summary: After all this time, Amanda is behind bars. And with the only man with answers on the loose, she must figure out a way to find him. However, to her surprise, he is not... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×21 “Aftermath” Recap

Spoilers Ahead In the path to revenge, very few friends are kept and many enemies are made. Episode Summary: As cops try to figure out what exactly happened in the Grayson Mannor, we see Victoria’s most thought out plan come to life. It doesn’t take too long for the news of Victoria’s death to travel... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×20 “Burn” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Sometimes, a fresh start is the best way to continue living, and other times, it may seem that there is nothing left to live for. Episode Summary: As Amanda hopes to finally start living a regular life, Jack decides to move away, David finds out that he has cancer and Victoria no longer... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×19 “Exposure” Recap

Spoilers Ahead A stroll down memory lane may sometimes contain dark moments that are hard to look back on. Sometimes they are dug deep and never touched and other times, they must be felt in order to move forward. Episode Summary: As Amanda Clark gives the live interview to the press, flashbacks of her journey come... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×18 “Clarity” Recap

Spoilers Ahead When everything about revenge is all said and done, sometimes the only thing left is the truth. Episode Summary: Emily focuses on clearing Daniel’s name for noble reasons as she tries to rally Jack to her side. Margaux becomes the kind woman we remember her to be. Review | Analysis: After failing to... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×17 “Loss” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Can a truce mend all the brokenness that revenge has caused or is it far too late for this scenario? Episode Summary: Jack fights to prove his innocence as Margaux begins to realize that she does not like the person she has become. Review | Analysis: Things were left off shaky last week... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×16 “Retaliation” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Some seek revenge and others seek reconciliation in order to move forward with their lives Episode Summary: Margaux hurts everyone in her path in order to turn in Emily. Emily and Ben, are the new duo that stop the terrible plans she wants to unfold. Review | Analysis: After winning the court battle against... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×15 “Bait” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Friendships are tested as the path of revenge takes way once more. Episode Summary: As Margaux plans to turn in a tape revealing crucial evidence, Jack and Emily must team together to clear their name and secure their future. Review | Analysis: Despite her friendship with Jack, Margaux decides to move forward with... Continue Reading →

Revenge 4×14 “Kindred” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Once the dust has settled, some move forward while others are haunted by the guilt of their past decisions. Episode Summary: As Malcolm’s death is celebrated, Emily and David finally have the moment to be father and daughter while others are still picking up the pieces from the ruin that was left behind.... Continue Reading →

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