The Grump and Sunshine: Opposites Attract in TV Relationships

The Grump and Sunshine trope has got to be one of the most fun ways of showcasing romance. We asked what some of your favorites are, and no choice disappointed--even the ones that featured couples we didn't know of looked intriguing enough that we'd consider watching wherever their story unfolds. That said, we compiled a... Continue Reading →

2016 Year-End Reviews: 16 Little Gems

There are always scenes I'll find myself replaying -- scenes that either broke me or have somehow fixed me. Scenes that may not be thematic masterpieces but rather little moments that set everything in motion. In this final installment of our 2016 Year-End reviews, you'll find the scenes that have left the biggest impact on me this... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance

October 30 - November 5 “Wear It” | Pitch Kylie Bunbury  If you're still somehow not watching Pitch drop whatever it is you're doing and change this because if there's at least one new show you should be watching, this is it. Pitch is revolutionary and the massive reason of its success is due to its lead character, Kylie Bunbury's... Continue Reading →

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