Once Upon A Time 6×15 “A Wondrous Place” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

No one to tell us no. Or where to go. (But someone should tell Killian which direction he can go back home to Emma.)

Episode Summary: In flashbacks we learn about Jafar’s proposal to Jasmine and the princess is united with Killian after her mission with Aladdin goes south. We also learn that Ariel and Jasmine knew one another. After Killian doesn’t come home and Leroy says he saw him leaving, Emma and the entire town believe he’s gone for good. Charming learns the truth behind his father’s death. Snow and Regina try to distract Emma. Basically, a lot happened.

Review | Analysis: “A Wondrous Place” was an adorable adventure we’d never see anywhere else. No seriously, Captain Hook, Ariel, Jasmine, Aladdin, Nemo? Brilliant. Sometimes, even when Once Upon A Time does things that are undoubtedly questionable, it’s moments like this that make up for it. Episodes where the audience could just have a little fun as we watch things unfold in a way we’d otherwise never been able to. And Once Upon A Time’s most important lesson? Princesses get stuff done!

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