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November 8-14
Nimue” Once Upon A Time

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Once Upon A Time 5×07 “Nimue” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Once Upon A Time writers always know how to give viewers a fantastic episode, and we’d say this has been the best one all season. Although we’re sure it’ll probably, definitely be topped next week.

Episode Summary: In flashbacks we learn about how Merlin came to all his powers and the choice he made to only use them for good. We also got a glimpse into his relationship with Nimue and how anger fueled her more than the promise for a great and honorable future. In Camelot, Emma and Merlin seek out Nimue in order to retrieve the spark that’ll unite the two swords, but Zelena unsurprisingly betrays the team giving Arthur power over Merlin. And lastly in Storybrooke, Emma succeeds in uniting the two blades but what she’ll do with them is the great big mystery we’re yet to see.

Review | Analysis: “Nimue” was not only full of exceptional performances left and right, but the episode contained some interesting references to Arthurian legends and the Bible. Most importantly however, it once again illuminated the significance of our choices along with the great strength that’s found in forgiveness and love. Immortality and a life without troubles sounds lovely, but if there were no struggles to overcome, the unparalleled happiness we feel in times of beautiful moments wouldn’t be as valuable. The presence of darkness is perhaps something that’ll always be found in our world, but whether or not a person gives into it is something we’re fully in control of. At any rate, there’s still an enormous part of us that believes Emma’s choice to embrace the darkness wasn’t due to a moment of weakness, but rather a sacrificial act of some sort.

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