Nick Miller is a Trending Topic Again and We Support This Internet Obsession

Nick Miller is a trending topic on the internet again and we’re here for it. So few things make sense even now that it’s a new year, but Nick’s random bouts of fame is not one of those things. We get it. Nick Miller is a whole mood. And I think we all collectively agree... Continue Reading →

2018 Best of the Year Reviews: 10 Episodes

This is always the hardest category to write about but simultaneously my absolute favorite. The best part of it is remembering the very first time I watch the episode and think, "Yup, I need to talk about this for year-end reviews." But it's interesting because I was a little stumped this year. I didn't want to repeat... Continue Reading →

Spring ’17 Finale Roundup: Week I

| April 4-23 | Finales can be the best times or the worst -- there is no in between. But this year, so far they’ve been solid giving us all the feels possible while leaving us enamored and amazed all night. With Big Little Lies, When Calls the Heart, and New Girl wrapping up for the... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day | ’14

Here are our top 3 romantic speeches of the year. 1. Captain Hook -> Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time) “When I win your heart, Emma and I will win it, it won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me."  What we love ever so ardently about this particular speech... Continue Reading →

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