Once Upon A Time 3×10 “The New Neverland” Recap

Spoilers ahead: Once upon a time being told that there’d be a new Neverland would sound magically beautiful to everyone, but now it’s frightening and unwanted. Flashback: This week’s flashback takes place moments after Regina threatens the Charmings on their wedding day. During their honeymoon Snow convinces Charming to search for Medusa in order to... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time 3×06 “Ariel” Recap

Spoilers ahead: Flashbacks: The episode opens up with bandit Snow running from the Evil Queen, you know usual stuff, but she’s rescued by a brave little mermaid we all know and love as Ariel (JoAnna Garcia). According to Ariel, legend says that during the highest tide, sea goddess Ursela grants mermen and mermaids the ability to... Continue Reading →

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