This is Us 2×18 “The Wedding”

Big Three Moments of the Week  And that's a wrap on season two -- congratulations to This is Us for successfully being one of the very few shows that hasn't fallen into the season two curse (aka the terrible twos of a TV show.) It's been a fantastic adventure, dear readers, and we've reached the end of a... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×03 “Highs and Lows”

Big Three Moments of the Week Human beings have a tendency to repress pain -- pain that's so vivid, so heart wrenching that when it's felt, there's no escape. And that kind of pain has only one solution, it demands to be felt. This is Us is a show that forces its characters to feel these emotions... Continue Reading →

#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 63

25 Inimitable Men 13/25  Randall Pearson (This is Us) Randall Pearson is one out of the three characters featured on this list that are from their freshman year, and if that alone doesn’t showcase how inimitable they are then I don’t know what will. Randall Pearson is as close to perfect as it gets -- his wife... Continue Reading →

This is Us 1×18 “Moonshadow”

Big Three Moments of the Week I'm pleasantly surprised with the fact that the finale was nothing as I'd expected. And although it didn't end in the happily ever after I would have preferred, from beginning to end, it did a remarkable job of leaving me mesmerized. This is a series about unity. It's a... Continue Reading →

This is Us 1×16 “Memphis”

Big Three Moments of the Week Spoilers Ahead Death is singlehandedly the most tragic part of life that leaves us with a pain we can never truly heal from. And no matter how expected the death is, it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s the one hardship that has the effortless power to affect everyone.... Continue Reading →

This is Us 1×15 “Jack Pearson’s Son”

Big Three Moments of the Week Spoilers Ahead This is Us continues to outshine everything and make us ugly cry more than once. After last week's episode, it's nice to cry again, and while that's strange to say, with this show, tears seem to be the best sign. "Jack Pearson's Son" encapsulated some of life's toughest battles... Continue Reading →

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