Chicago P.D. 3×14 “The Song of Gregory Yates” Recap

Spoilers Ahead  featuring spoilers from Law and Order: SVU's "Nationwide Manhunt". Ding dong the creep is dead. Case Summary: Yates escapes from prison and targets Lindsay, but it all comes down to his past with his biological family. Review | Analysis: While I thought tonight’s episode was incredibly intriguing, it’s one of those that sadly leaves... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 2×23 “Born Into Bad News” Recap

Spoilers Ahead  “Born Into Bad News” was solid – a finale with an intriguing plot, excellent performances, and unanswered questions that’ll leave fans anticipating season three. Episode Summary: Retired officer Commander Perry chooses to help his nephew clear his name from a narcotic unit who are using their job to get additional money from drug busts.... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 2×20 “The Number of Rats” Recap

Spoilers Ahead This review features spoilers from Chicago Fire’s “We Call Her Jellybean” and Law and Order: SVU’s “Daydream Believer”. Episode Summary: After an entire building’s caught on fire and medical results indicate that the survivor’s been raped, Olivia Benson remembers a case from ten years ago that sounds extremely familiar. And when members of the... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 2×19 “The Three G’s” Recap

Spoilers Ahead We can never have episodes that showcase what a valuable character Alvin Olinsky is. Episode Summary: When a known convict named Dennis Lee comes around the block again, the unit give their all to make sure he doesn’t escape this time. After Roman selflessly chooses to risk their careers to save a child’s life,... Continue Reading →

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