Scandal 5×10″It’s Hard Out Here for a General” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia left Fitz and is back at OPA.

Episode Summary: A big-name client gets Liv’s help when classified NSA files from her private computer get hacked. Mellie also gets Liv to assist her with writing her book.

Review | Analysis: Scandal’s midseason premiere was all about power and Olivia leaving the White House. It’s been months since she’s left Fitz and now she’s back “home,” at OPA. The gladiators aren’t the only family Liv has returned to. As the episode opens, we see her having dinner with the one and only, Rowan, aka Papa Pope. But do remember that a while back Liv was working with Jake to put Rowan in prison, except now everything has turned around. Liv is back having dinners with her father while Jake is his new roommate!

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Scandal 5×09 “Rasputin” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Liv gets an abortion.

Episode Summary: Olivia makes a shocking decision that will change her relationship with Fitz forever.

Review | Analysis: Let’s be honest right now. We did NOT see what happened on the winter finale of Scandal coming. Like at all.

Christmas is supposed to a time where everyone is happy and whatnot, right? Well, not in Olivia’s case. She was miserable and everyone was noticing.

Mellie, seemed to have a problem with Fitz’s spending bill that he had coming up. Planned Parenthood was the issue and Mellie did not want to vote for that, so she started filibustering. All bow down to Mellie!

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Scandal 5×08 “Even the Devil Deserves A Second Chance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

David finds out Olivia is the one behind everything and she gets arrested.

Episode Summary: Olivia tries to figure out who is trying to kill her father, while Jake is trying to kill her father, and Fitz along with Cyrus and David are trying to do anything they can to find who released him.

Review | Analysis: Olivia’s happily ever after seems to be slowly drifting away. She was finally getting closer to Vermont, but some things are not meant to be. To be honest, I always thought Fitz would end up being the one to blame, but this is all on Liv. Think about it. She’s the one who let her father out who just so happened to have killed Fitz’s son AND she has been lying about it to both Mellie and Fitz when they know that she did it. No bueno!

Scandal has yet again, created another fictional country, The Republic of Bandar. The deal is that the U.S. has been trying to sign a disarmament deal with the country for a long time and it seems like it’s finally happening until a translator by the name of Navid, gets Liv’s attention at dinner and asks for asylum. In return, he offers the location of a secret nuclear facility.

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Scandal 5×06 “Get Out of Jail, Free” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia gets a get out of jail free card, but this one carries the biggest cost of all.

Episode Summary: This week’s episode was all about how to escape things that don’t let us move on. Past secrets, ex lovers, you get the point.

Review | Analysis: Last week we saw the forming of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and now we are continuing with that but picking up at the hearings section.

They sacrificed Mellie to show they are not messing around. Yes Fitz can be protected, but Liv’s only option at this point was two rings on the her left finger and a spousal privilege. Fitz goes on and says that he called this meeting for their wedding. However, Liv doesn’t want a get out of jail free card and she doesn’t want to be forced to live her life at the White House. Y’all remember that house she always dreamed about living in with Fitz? *insert side eye emoji face*

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Scandal 5×05 “You Got Served” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia finally breaks her silence about her relationship with Fitz to the world in a tell-all interview and Fitz makes a move that will likely leave Mellie in awe.

Episode Summary: Fitz’s impeachment hearing gains steam as Liv tells her side of the story.

Review | Analysis: Since going public with their relationship, Fitz’s presidency has been up in the air and Cyrus was the one who was stressing about it. At the same time, he wanted to see it fail and that was going to happen with the help of Mellie.

With all of this crumbling down within in seconds, Fitz needed a lawyer and fast! David offered his help and hired Patty Snell. He told Fitz not to mention any of this to Olivia since she too was now in need of some assistance. Queue in Leo!

She told Leo that Fitz never gave anything to her. Haha yeah right, that was a lie but she needed to show that she’s human and not this big deal person that everyone makes her seem to be.

She went to Edison an he threw the whole “a criminal, a whore, an idiot and liar” back to her face. If he was going to help her, he deserved to know the truth. And by help we mean lie.

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Scandal 5×04 “Dog-Whistle Politics” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia deals with the nasty press, Fitz makes a drastic move that leaves Mellie ready for revenge.

Episode Summary: We learn quite a bit about our ever-so-handsome Jake, a new Gladiator steps up, Fitz makes another decision that leaves everything on the line and Mellie goes to extremes.

Review | Analysis: Whatever this Lazarus One is all about, it is something important. Jake should’ve known better than to think Rowan wasn’t going to spill the beans on it. Jake was thinking that either Rowan had someone on the outside making sure everything was smooth sailing or that Rowan himself was still pulling the strings. Regardless of that, Rowan still managed to “get mad” at Olivia.

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Scandal 5×03 “Paris Is Burning” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The White House is trying to figure out a way to deal with Olivias confession.

Episode Summary: It’s all about Mellie in this week’s episode and how the team is trying to help her sort the mess of her and Fitz out.

Review | Analysis: Mellie and Fitz are sitting down for their big interview to disregard all the Olivia rumors that she has just confirmed to everyone that she is in fact the president’s mistress.

Abby storms in and tries to get Fitz out of the room but as she’s doing that, one of the reporters gets some good shots of the couple lying about the situation. It’s possible they may use it for blackmail, but we’re not sure at this point. The couple is watching Liv give her statement to the press on TV and Mellie is just horrified. However, Fitz is just so giddy with joy.

Meanwhile, Abby is trying to convince Mellie that there is a way to spin this. They’ve grown apart since Gerry’s death, it’s amicable, yada, yada yada, but she’s not having it. Mellie calls Cyrus, who is thrilled to come back to the White House. She tells him that she wants to destroy Olivia Pope and to have her suffer like she has.

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Scandal 5×02 “Yes” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Images of Fitz and Liv canoodling are out and supposedly Fitz is going to handle it.

Episode Summary: The case in question, a stepson jumped bail for murder of his father. Abby goes to work on the president’s marriage.

Review | Analysis: So those images we saw from the premiere last week, are out and about now. And apparently Fitz is going to fix things. Ha. We’d love to see that happen since he is not the type to think straight let alone calm situations.

Needing a break from life traumas, Liv throws herself into work. This week’s case takes her out of town (something we think she needs atm) to a client whose stepson jumped bail for the murder of his father. She goes on the hunt for Gavin. The trail leads to a casino where the kid is testing his luck at blackjack.

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Scandal 5×01 “Heavy is the Head” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The Royal Family is in town and theyve requested Olivias help.

Episode Summary: Olivia helps the Royal Family with the photos of their late Princess’ body being leaked around. Fitz is dealing with Mellie as Olivia tries to help him see the light that he owes her his support.

Review | Analysis: Gladiators, welcome back! Its understandable if youve forgotten some of the crazy events that happened in the Scandal season four finale.

To refresh your memory, the episode ended with Fitz and Olivia kissing, but before all that happened, a lot – like A LOT – of stuff happened. Fitz kicked Senator Mellie Grant out of the Pennsylvania house, along with his advisor Cyrus and Elizabeth North. Dont forget Huck murdered an entire room of people and Quinn found out about it and put a gun to his head. Oh and the biggest deal when Olivia and Jake turned Rowan to the CIA, but we all know that isnt going to last for long. No big deal though, right?!

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