Chicago P.D. 4×19 “Last Minute Resistance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead No means NO! (Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on the skyline.) Case Summary: When Kim's sister Nicole (Jules Wilcox) is found sexually assaulted in a train station after a night out with friends, the Intelligence unit must do everything in their power to find the rapists. Review | Analysis: "Last Minute Resistance" is a powerful... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 4×11 “You Wish” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Case Summary: When a man is found dead, a young girl becomes the suspect, but when it turns out that she's the victim of sexual assault and was merely trying to defend herself neighborhood secrets lead the Intelligence unit to a different set of officers. Review | Analysis: Thankfully, "You Wish" was a great of... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 2×15 “What Do You Do” Recap

Spoilers Ahead “What Do You Do” was yet another solid episode of Chicago PD giving one of its main characters an opportunity to shine impeccably. Episode Summary: While at breakfast, a man makes a comment about how Burgess has had a routine at the restaurant since he’s seen her, and it puts her in a strange funk... Continue Reading →

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