2018 Best of the Year Reviews: 10 Performers

There’s nothing I appreciate more every year than performances that make me want to ramble and scream about over rooftops. Performances that are so well done, words suddenly become nonexistent. And this year especially, the top performers were so fascinating, I couldn’t even choose as easily as I often do. I almost added more than... Continue Reading →

This is Us 1×18 “Moonshadow”

Big Three Moments of the Week I'm pleasantly surprised with the fact that the finale was nothing as I'd expected. And although it didn't end in the happily ever after I would have preferred, from beginning to end, it did a remarkable job of leaving me mesmerized. This is a series about unity. It's a... Continue Reading →

This is Us 1×12 “The Big Day”

Big Three Moments of the Week Spoilers Ahead Welcome welcome welcome to our very first This is Us dedicated segment, "The Big Three Moments of the Week"! If you aren't already watching the critically acclaimed network drama, stop what you're doing, grab some tissues, and watch. You'll be hooked from the very first episode -- so far, every... Continue Reading →

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