Once Upon A Time 4×20 “Mother” Recap

Spoilers Ahead If we had left the author trapped in the book as he was meant to stay, none of this stuff would’ve happened. Enchanted Forest Flashbacks: On the anniversary of Daniel’s death, Regina brutally murders a soon to be husband in front of his fiancé and is revisited by Cora who’d like to make things... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time 4×19 “Lily” Recap

Spoilers Ahead We’re going to make the assumption that collectively most Once Upon A Time fans uttered something along the lines of “OMG” at the end of this episode. Minnesota Flashbacks (1999): Abby Ross returns as young Emma in 1999 where it appears she’s finally found a foster home she really feels she’s a part of.... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time 4×13 “Unforgiven” Recap

Spoilers Ahead  Secrets are never fun, but sometimes, they make for a great TV episode. Enchanted ForestFlashbacks: WhenMaleficent, Cruella, and Ursula approach the Charmings in order to make a deal,things backfire when they learn the tree which only responds to “the most valiant heroes” refusesthem. The Queens of Darkness then state that because their love... Continue Reading →

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