This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 13-19 "Forever and for Always" | Nashville We haven’t had one of these “too tough to choose” weeks in what seems like the longest time. Souls getting the opportunity to go off to better place on Once Upon A Time are leaving us in tears. Quantico is dealing with friendships beautifully. The Americans is as... Continue Reading →

Nashville 4×01 “Can’t Let Go” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Tonight’s premiere was engaging, but the drama that’s to come in the following weeks will undoubtedly be better. Episode Summary: Beverly’s suffered through an aneurism. Juliette still hasn’t confronted her postpartum depression. Avery moves in with Gunnar and Will. Will’s career’s been put on pause after he publicly came out. Scarlett tells Caleb... Continue Reading →

Nashville 3×20 “Time Changes Things” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Tonight’s episode gave and took a lot but mostly in left me wishing it was next week. Episode Summary: In secrecy Rayna tries to convince Beverly to donate her liver to Deacon. And when Deacon catches Maddie ditching school in his apartment with Colt, things get pretty awkward. Juliette throws a spontaneous comeback... Continue Reading →

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