Chicago P.D. 4×18 “Little Bit of Light” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Heavy sigh.

Case Summary: When a man who films crime scenes and sells them to news outlets dies, Intelligence must figure out who the culprit is. However, what they do come to find is that he was trying to protect a woman whose father had abused her. Voight makes one man’s life a little easier. Halstead and Lindsay take some time. And Kim’s sister visits.

Review | Summary: It’s too hopeful to assume the episode was one huge April Fool’s joke, right? For the most part, “Little Bit of Light” was one of the more intriguing case heavy episodes, but the story it told for our most prominent duo was incredibly disappointing. Chicago P.D.’s lack of continuity does nothing promising for the show, and if there’s one thing that could drive viewers away, it’d be this.

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