Chicago P.D. 4×19 “Last Minute Resistance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

No means NO! (Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on the skyline.)

Case Summary: When Kim’s sister Nicole (Jules Wilcox) is found sexually assaulted in a train station after a night out with friends, the Intelligence unit must do everything in their power to find the rapists.

Review | Analysis: “Last Minute Resistance” is a powerful example of the kind of remarkable story telling this show is easily capable of. And while Chicago P.D. has tackled assault and rape in the past, no episode has screamed louder than “Last Minute Resistance.” It’s 2017 and yet somehow, it’s still hard to process that no means no. Fun fact: no matter what theoretical method of analysis is used to analyze the word, the word “no” alone will never change its definition. And Chicago P.D.’s choice to tackle the subject when it’s evidently still an enormous problem in our world today was brilliant.

“Last Minute Resistance” left viewers with the kind of hourly balance that we’re always longing for. (Or at least that’s what it did for me.) Its mixture of a riveting, powerful case along with the exhibition of friendship and effortless character development made for a compelling hour of television.

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Chicago P.D. 3×15 “A Night Owl” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Love makes us do crazy things.

Case Summary: When Burgess’ instincts tell her to dig further into a professor’s car during a checkpoint, Intelligence discovers 10 kilos of heroin in his trunk. A little boy’s brutally murdered by a gang linked to an inmate the professor was in love with. And when the Intelligence unit finds letters addressed to multiple inmates they also come to learn that despite being married with a child, the professor was secretly in a relationship with an inmate, and the reason he was smuggling the drugs was in order to cover a debt for Peter. After his daughter’s taken captive and the unit learns Peter’s feelings weren’t reciprocated, the professor tells the unit about Peter’s brother and when he’s used as a bargain, Peter tells the unit where the professor’s daughter is held. Burgess and Lindsay partner up in this week’s investigations. Platt and Roman go off on a training course. And Jay gets side job at a medical marijuana organization.

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode was surprisingly enjoyable, and it may be due to the fact that I’ve been desperately wanting to see further development with Lindsay and Burgess’ friendship. And additionally because the case took an unexpected turn, it actually managed to make it intriguing. I for one thought he was completely innocent the entire time, but the fact that the professor knew what he was doing and it was an act of love was interestingly shocking. Well played, Chicago PD. Well played. However, what’s not fun, and I’m not going to go into detail about it because it’ll only turn into an angry rant is the constant misrepresentation of Armenians on TV series. Every culture undoubtedly has its bad, but it also has its good; however, the fact that series make more of an effort to merely show the bad is incredibly disheartening.

Roman and Platt served as comedic relief this week, but the best part is that their experiences reiterated the theme of carefulness. And that comes into play for the entire episode as well because it essentially feels as though during the last few episodes, we aren’t paying close attention to what’s actually under our noses. And by we, I mean the characters.

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