#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 28

25 Nearest and Dearest 23/25
Second Precinct (Mysteries of Laura)


Every so often, a hidden gem warms its way into our hearts but unfortunately, because the world’s a cruel place, the cancellation bear decides to interfere. Mysteries of Laura was one of those underrated gems — the next best thing NBC’s done since Chuck. And now while cop shows are great, sometimes, we need a little comedy. Or at least I do. And it’s series like Chuck and Mysteries of Laura that I find myself wanting to constantly re-watch. For those who aren’t familiar, Mysteries of Laura is a series that focuses brilliantly on partnerships. Whether it was Max’s eccentric and irreplaceable role in the precinct, Meredith and Billy’s ever growing friendship, Jake and Laura’s banter, or Billy and Laura’s effortless partnership, together as a whole, and individually, each unique dynamic swarmed its way into my heart.

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