#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 55

25 Inimitable Men 5/25 David Charming (Once Upon A Time) A man who'll fight off knights with his infant daughter in his hands and succeed? There's nothing he can't do. It’s very seldom that a character lives up to their name as Once Upon A Time’s David Charming does. But funnily, six seasons have passed and... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 12-16 "Murder Most Foul" | Once Upon A Time It's been one of the strongest weeks on television leaving us with a number of choices for this category. Madam Secretary had our heroine punch a man for sexual harassment. (This was our second choice, actually.) When Calls the Heart was as adorable as ever. This is Us gave us on an... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actor

April 24-30 "Travel Agents" | The Americans Matthew Rhys The Americans is always filled with impeccable performances, and often times, though it can be the simplest expressions, when it comes to these actors, one look always says 1000 words. And that was the case with Matthew Rhys this week. This isn’t the first time Elizabeth’s doubted... Continue Reading →

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