#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 69

25 Inimitable Men 19/25  Jay Halstead (Chicago P.D.) We all know at least one person in the who selflessly gives everything they’ve got to the world and in return, they’re a closed book quietly enduring pain on their own. In the world of fictional television, Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead is that character. A former Army Ranger, current... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 4×23 “Fork in the Road” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Case Summary: When kids are overdosing and Bunny's lover is murdered, the cases tie together in an unsurprising way. Erin makes the decision to accept a job with the FBI. Review | Analysis: Chicago P.D. is a show about good deeds, but at its core it is a show about family. A family the Intelligence unit has... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 4×22 “Army of One” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Case Summary: When a group of pedophiles are targeted and burned, the Intelligence unit must figure out who's behind it. And since capital punishment is now illegal in Illinois, despite the fact that those burned are criminals, it doesn't change the fact that it's now a crime. Erin crosses a line and leaves her career... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 4×21 “Fagin” Recap

Spoilers Ahead "Fagin": an acute reminder of just how compelling this series can be. Case Summary: When a group of bank robbers turn out to be boys under the age of 15, it sends intelligence on a spiraling case to understand who's controlling the operation. A new member temporary joins the team, Platt learns some inspiring... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance

February 5-11 "They Came First" | Emerald City Adria Arjona    Adria Arjona continues to shine beautifully as the best Dorothy in my book thus far. The characters strikingly raw emotions cobbled with the way she rises to challenges are outstanding. There's never been a dull moment on Emerald City so far, but in this week's episode... Continue Reading →

2016 Year-End Reviews: 16 Characters

There's no feeling quite as indescribable as finding a fictional character to care deeply for. A character who we perhaps see ourselves in or a character who's just so well written, it's difficult to turn the other cheek. There are a number of fantastic TV characters -- whether heroes or villains or somewhere in between,... Continue Reading →

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